Summer Camp 2024

Age Group - 7 to 12
Dates - June 7 - 21 | June 24 - 28 | July 8 - 12
Time - 9:30 am to 4:30 pm
Entry Fee - $350
Location - 10650 Aviary Dr., Johns Creek, GA 30022

This summer activities program can be the highlight of your kid’s summer. Funfilled learning experiences with -

Shraddha Chandwadkar keeps them engaged in games while they learn to be good team players, develop leadership qualities, and build self-esteem. Learning to be healthy through yoga and meditation is important in this life full of stress.

Nabanita Das will let the kids' creativity flow on canvas, building their imaginative and motor skills.

Mohua Maity, a master of strategy, will lead analytical chess sessions, honing your child's critical thinking skills. She also offers myth-breaking STEM programs, fostering a deep understanding of these subjects and boosting their confidence in decision-making.

Activities like designing T-shirts, making Friday pizza, and watching movies will be included. For the rest of the four days, please send lunch and snacks with the kids.

For more Information Contact: Mohua Maity | (770) 815-8221 | m.mohua@gmail.com


  • All the materials needed will be provided by Mohar Chess.
  • Top three Trophies in each section will be given.
  • Reach out for group discounts, sibling discounts and multiple week sign discounts too.

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