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USCF-rated Scholastic Chess Tournament Summer Camp 2024


About Mohar

What we can teach?

Mohar plans individual training for every kid to increase their discipline and analytical skills.

It offers our younger kids to develop patience and vision.
Special attention is given to our kids with special needs and attended personally.

We offer one free trial session.

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Chess for Juniors

Getting familiar with Board and the Pieces, Basics of Chess

30 min. Per Session

4 Sessions per Month

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Chess for Beginners

Castling, Notations, Draw Game Positions, Basic End Game Positions

1 hr. Per Session

4 Sessions per Month

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Intermediate Chess

Analysis of Games, Building Repertoire as per Students' style of playing, Different Openings, Puzzles
Rating Expectation of 1000 to 1200

1 hr. Per Session

4 Sessions per Month

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Advanced Chess

Complex Problem Solving Situations, In-depth Discussion on some Grandmaster Games, More Critical Thinking Examples and One-on-One Attention
Rating Expectation: 1500

1 hr. Per Session

4 Sessions per Month

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Meet The Team

The very best in their fields.


Pride, Passion and Performance.


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Call +1 (770) 815-8221 or send Email to admin@mohar.org

Monday to Friday 3PM - 8PM
Saturday and Sunday Closed

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